Jenn Lewis

- Humanitarian, General Contractor, Business Owner, Operations Manager, Project Manager and Interior Selections Designer.

Jenn started her career in Construction Management in 2006, after leaving a successful eight (8) year property management career. While working for another Park City builder, she built her knowledge and understanding of client contracts, budgets, project scheduling and interior finish selections. She was able to build relationships with the subcontractors to establish an amazing team that she still works with today. She loves to be apart of the design process of the project along with all the building and material ideas.

Her mission: Community Construction Projects, locally and globally. Helping others, human or animal, to live comfortable lives. Because all of our contributions plays a vital role in bringing awareness and helping others, so they can strive in their journey.

Jenn has embarked on a journey to design, renovate, while changing the world!!

Ghigau Construction:
(pronounced: heh-go)

Meaning: "Ghigau" is a Cherokee prestigious title meaning "beloved woman" or "war woman". The title was a recognition of great honor for women who made a significant impact within their community or exhibited great heroism on the battlefield. When a woman was bestowed as a "Ghigau" she was given great honor and responsibility. The role has changed in Cherokee culture, but the Eastern Band of Cherokee Native Americans, still have Beloved Women today.

My Native-American Heritage:

- Cherokee / Ancestry from Oklahoma

- Blackfoot / Ancestry from Texas

- Seminole / Ancestry from Louisiana

Park City Area Home Builders Association

- Vice President of the Board of Directors

- State Representative for the Utah Home Builders Association

- Chair to the Community Service Committee

- Chair to the Showcase of Homes Committee

Professional Women in Building

- Committee Member

Certified Notary Public

- Park City Notary, LLC

Our Professional Subcontractors

Ghigau Construction leads and works with a tight-knit team of experienced, licensed and insured subcontractors, who put quality first in everything they do.

Our Community Service

The Jenn-LoVe Project

As the Founder & CEO, I invite you to join my Charitable Foundation, where my goal is bring awareness to existing local and global humanitarian causes, while raising money to help others strive in their journey.